60kou Privacy Policy and Service Agreement

Dear User, please read carefully the following software service agreement.

This is the agreement between 60kou APP users and Shanghai i-Wexun software technology Co.,Ltd on using software training services and other related matters stipulated in the contract. After you have completed the registration and accepted all the terms of service of using 60kou, this agreement shall constitute a binding legal document between the two parties. Please ensure you read carefully before agreeing to this service agreement. If you have any questions, you can call our hotline or email us. As long as the user tick the agree and follow the registration process, regardless if the service agreement was read, the user is registered as a 60kou user.

This service agreement includes the current and future releases of various types of rules. In this service agreement any linked text that is not indicated by "rule" does not belong to this part of the service agreement. They are agreement or other content resources, legally it is not related to this agreement.

Users using 60kou APP, committed to accept and comply with the relevant provisions of the rules. 60kou has the right to, from time to time as needed to enact, amend this agreement or rules. If there are any changes to this agreement, 60kou will publish in APP announcements and notices to users. If the user does not agree to changes, you must stop using this "service". The changes that are amended takes in effect immediately. All the rules will apply once it is published, they become a part of this agreement. Sign in or continue to use the "service" indicates that the user accepts the revised agreement. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any "service" or enhancements that expand the scope of new content are subject to the present agreement.

1. Definition

1.1 60kou APP

60kou APP connects customers to 60kou training platform channels. Trainers push the training course on the 60kou APP.

1.2 60kou App user

Users must have full civil capacity of a natural person, or has lawful operation qualifications entity organization. Without or with limited capacity for civil conduct and does not have a business or a specific qualified organizations should not be registered as 60kou user or exceeds the scope of its legal rights or capacity to engage in trade, its service agreement with 60kou invalid from the beginning. Once discovered, 60kou has the right to immediately remove the user and investigate the usage of "services" and all legal responsibility. 60kou users are divided into trainers and trainees: Trainer: 60kou training platform organizations, publishing training course, professionals managing trainees. Trainee: all individuals using 60kou service as 60kou learners.

2. User Registration

Registered users refer to the user logins 60kou APP, and fill in the information as required and confirm and agree to fulfilling relevant user agreement.

3. User's Rights and Obligations

3.1 60kou APP Trainee’s Rights

Trainees have the right to their own user name and password in 60kou training platform. Users may not in any form transfer unauthorized or authorized users to use their login user name and password. This violates the service agreement and 60kou has the right to process and take legal actions.

3.2 Obligation of 60kou APP Trainee

Trainees are obligated to provide their real information at registration and guarantees the authenticity of their e-mail address, phone number, address and other relevant information. Users are also obligated to promptly update their contacts if it’s changed. If the user uses false contact information or uses fraudulent contact from someone else, 60kou will take the appropriate steps in retribution and reserves the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

60kou users should all act in compliance with the national laws and regulations and relevant provisions of 60kou as well as a variety of public interest or public morals. If there are any legal consequences of violations, the user bears all corresponding legal responsibilities.

60kou users agree to receive 60kou APP, mail, and messages from 60kou APP partners.

3.3 60kou Trainer Right

60kou trainer has the right under this service agreement to build new students, new courses, publish courses, and manage learning progress using the training platform.

3.4 Obligations of 60kou Trainer

60kou trainer updates course content posted on the APP, and ensure the accuracy of content. 60kou trainer should maximize user services, guarantees excellent quality and timely delivery of course content. 60kou trainer promises he or she’s actions are in compliance with the national laws, regulations, and relevant provisions of 60kou as well as various social and public interests. If there are any legal consequences of violations, the trainer bears all corresponding legal responsibility.

60kou trainer agrees to receive 60kou APP, email, and APP messages from 60kou partners.

4. 60kou’s Rights and Obligations

4.1 60kou’s Rights

60kou has the right to terminate service for any user that displays misconduct or illegally violates the agreement. 60kou can remove the user and terminate the agreement without the need to obtain the user’s consent.

4.2 60kou’s Obligations

60kou has an obligation to maintain APP-wide training in the existing technology platform and strive to enhance and improve the technology allowing users to use APP service smoothly. 60kou should respond in a timely manner if encountered by a registration or related issue.

60kou has no obligation to all the user's registration information, all of the operations as well as other matters relating to the operation unless:

5. Interruption and Termination of Service

60kou can terminate user of "service" password, and account. 60kou can stop providing "services" with or without notice. After termination of account, 60kou has no obligation to preserve account users or relating to any of the information, or forward any information to users or third parties. After the cancellation of the user account, 60kou retains the right to the user's registration data and records of previous operations.

In the following cases, 60kou can terminate the service:

6. Scope of Responsibility

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 Scope

The user using the 60kou service, participate in 60kou activities, or uses the APP, 60kou automatically receive and record the user's browser on the server value, including but not limited to, IP addresses and other information and user requirements access to transaction records.

7.2 Information Use

60kou will not sell or rent user information to anyone, unless prior user license;

60kou will not allow any third party to collect, edit, sale or free dissemination of user's personal information. Any users engaging in the activity, once discovered, 60kou has the right to immediately terminate the user's service agreement, seizure of the accounts.

For the purposes of service users, 60kou may use a user's personal information, provide services to users, including but not limited to, product and service information to the user, or sharing information with 60kou partners so they can send to the user about their products and services information (the latter requires the prior consent of the user).

7.3 Information Disclosure

The user's personal information will be disclosed in some of the following cases:

7.4 Information Security

60kou account has a password protection function. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure personalized account and password is not leaked. Contact 60kou immediately if it’s leaked and 60kou can take appropriate measures.

Permission to edit and delete your personal information:
Users can click on edit settings on a user's personal information and delete, unless otherwise provided in 60kou.

Policy modifications:
60kou reserves the right from time to time modify this policy.